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25 September, 2015

1:00pm to 4:00pm
Captain William Spry Community Centre

East Coast Social ChangeIn 2014, the Ivany Commission presented Nova Scotians with the 'Now or Never' Report. Since then, there have been numerous opportunities to hear the commission, our government and many wonderful community leaders talk about what this means for Nova Scotians.

Now it's time to shift the focus to supporting and celebrating action in our communities!

This event celebrates the people of action who are making a real difference and 'walking the talk', right now. Our local changemakers!

Objectives are:

  • To bring together changemakers, community and government to support and celebrate community-based ACTION that is helping to build a better Nova Scotia NOW!
  • To provide changemakers with mentorship, advice and a cheer team to help them continue to create change!

At East Coast Social Change, we believe in LIVING OUR VALUES. Therefore, our commitment to you is that we will be…

We make sure the things we do are genuine and in line with the approaches we believe in. Integrity is everything.

We value our humanity and conduct our business with the knowledge that our decisions and actions impact real people. We trust our intuition. We value learning in all its forms and see failures as opportunities for growth.

We celebrate relationships rather than transactions. We seek to work with others, wherever possible, not just because it’s more fun, but because deep-seated change requires networks, allies and collaboration.

We tackle challenges with grace and enthusiasm and are not afraid to disrupt comfort zones. We work hard on behalf of our clients and will not back down until we get results. We are fixers and we are proud of it.

We set high expectations for ourselves and are appreciative, grateful, and supportive of one another. We like to laugh together and we love what we do everyday. Excellence doesn’t happen by accident, but no one ever said working hard had to be dull.

Refreshments will be provided. This is a pay-what-you-can event and funds will be collected at the door.

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