Collective Impact Summit

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28 September, 2015 to 2 October, 2015

The Collective Impact Summit is an exclusive learning experience that will bring you the most current thinking and resources from the emerging field of Collective Impact. It is an opportunity to be part of a dynamic group of practitioners who are discovering new ways to lead, engage, and transform communities by tackling our most complex issues.

Thousands of people and organizations have embraced collective impact as a promising approach to community change. Our current systems for social impact are highly effective, our leaders are deeply talented, and the money we spend on creating a more equitable society is used remarkably well. But what is most needed now is a shared commitment to do things differently, to rethink how we engage a diversity of perspectives in our social change efforts and, as a result, reframe our understanding of the issues we care about.

Keynote Addresses

  • Possible: When the Improbable becomes the Inevitable | Stacey Stewart
  • What Makes Collective Impact Work? | John Kania
  • Collective Impact as a Social Innovation Strategy | Al Etmanski
  • We All Need to Work Differently to Achieve Collective Impact | Karen Pittman

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