Westman Conference on Disability and Employment

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30 September, 2015 to 2 October, 2015

Diversity in Employment: Opportunities for Success

Diversity in Employment: Opportunities for Success

October is Disability Employment Awareness Month - DEAM is an annual opportunity for Manitoba businesses, industry associations, community organizations, educational institutions, government bodies, and other groups to take proactive steps to increase employment success for Manitobans with disabilities. Kicking off the month is the Westman Conference on Disability and Employment!

Keynote Speakers

Opening Keynote: Sean Wiltshire

The Big Blue Wig Of Diversity! It really is all about you! Join Award winning International Speaker and Employment Expert Sean Wiltshire as he entertains and educates his audiences about how diversity leads to innovation, and innovation improves profitability. As not for profit workers you are “Agents of Diversity” engaging communities and individuals from your community. You educate and inform your clients. You already think differently, outside of the box, inside the box, on top of the box. Assisting individuals in making the connection to the labour force is a life changing experience, during this speech Sean takes you on a journey of self discovery to demonstrate how to get employer to respond to a more practical value proposition of employing someone with a barrier. Everything for a first job, to self employment. All options are on the table. You will laugh, you will be challenged, you will learn.

Closing Keynote: Frances Sinclair-Kaspick

Frances Sinclair-Kaspick is a First Nation band member of Peguis Reserve. She was born without hands. At 6 years old from an automobile accident both her feet were damaged. At 12 years old she had to make a decision; have both feet amputated in order to walk, or remain in a wheelchair the rest of her years. Frances became fully employed in the private sector from 1977 to 1982. Frances is presently employed with the Province of Manitoba, when she began in 1982. In 1992, Frances formed ‘The Aboriginal Disabled Self-Help Group,’ the first in Manitoba is operated out of C.A.R.D, the Aboriginal Centre. A physically challenged, Aboriginal Employment Councillor was hired. Education and training is provided to assist in opportunities specifically to the unique needs of the clients. Creating further awareness for the Aboriginal disabled, Frances wrote a play and acted in it both times. The play, ‘Breaking New Ground,’ was performed in 1998 and 2000. ‘The Manitoba League of Persons with Disabilities,’ presented Frances with an award in June 2000. Flare Magazine presented an award to Frances June 2001. Both awards were for her volunteer efforts to bring awareness and to make beneficial changes in the disabled community of Winnipeg. Frances presently wrote of her life, a biography, it’ll be called ‘The Mountain Within.’ Her book will be ready for publishing June 2015. Frances takes her writing as a gift, a gift to the reader. Frances dream is to share her journey with the intent of inspiring others to work with their abilities and find a way to overcome them. Her personal quote, “A positive attitude is a tool that will carry a person through many challenges in life.”

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