Evaluating Community Impact

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27 October, 2015 to 29 October, 2015

Evaluating Community ImpactCapturing and Making Sense of Community Outcomes

"Moving the needles" on community-wide issues requires cross-sector coordination and an engaged community.

There are countless community change initiatives working on a diversity of issues in our country, such as early childhood development, health care, education, poverty and homelessness, immigration and workforce development. Evaluating Community Impact: Capturing and Making Sense of Community Outcomes is a three-day workshop intended to provide those who are funding, planning and implementing community change initiatives with an opportunity to learn the latest and most practical evaluation ideas and practices.

This workshop is best suited to those who have an interest and some basic knowledge and experience with evaluation and are eager to tackle the challenging but critical task of getting feedback on local efforts to change communities. It is not designed for professional evaluators. Please browse this webpage to learn more about the workshop and how you can become a member of the learning community from October 27-29 in Montréal, Québec.

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is for you if:

  • You manage programs that need to be evaluated
  • You are part of a collaborative that is trying to understand how to evaluate
  • You are a community development professional who wants to make the connection between learning and community change
  • You are in a collective impact network and wanting to understand shared measurement
  • Evaluation is part of your job description

The Evaluating Community Impact workshop will provide learners with a great opportunity to learn from each other as well as hear from expert guest speakers and of course the workshop faculty: Mark Cabaj and Liz Weaver.

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