Accelerating Community Change with Collective Impact

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4 November, 2015

Sylvia Cheuy8:30AM - 4:00PM

Advance your community's agenda with tools and techniques that move beyond impact

Join internationally recognized trainer and community builder Sylvia Cheuy for a workshop that dives into collective impact - a promising framework for enhancing the effectiveness of community change efforts.

  • Learn how collaborative tables can organize for change
  • Explore how the three preconditions and five conditions can enhance your local community change efforts
  • Advance your community’s agenda with tools and techniques that move diverse partners, together, toward impact
  • Embrace the power of citizen engagement and collective impact

This workshop is for those who:

  • Desire new ways to lead, engage and transform your community
  • Want to learn about collective impact and how to manage or work collaboratively across sectors
  • Positively impact issues such as community engagement, health and well-being, poverty reduction, community sustainability, neighbourhood renewal, crime prevention, youth development, citizen engagement, local food systems and other complex opportunitites
  • Are contemplating the start-up or renewal of a collaborative initiative
  • Are a key supporter of community engagement and collaboration including NGOs, businesses, funders and national, provincial or local government

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Why the Collective Impact Approach?

Increasingly, community organizations are engaging in collaboration as a means to try and solve some of the most complex issues that they face. But these challenging issues require a new approach, a new framework. In 2011, John Kania and Mark Kramer of FSG Social Impact Consultants wrote an article, Collective Impact that changed how we look at collaboration.

Collective impact provides a framework for multi-sector community-based roundtables with a new, proven approach for advancing community change for maximum impact. This workshop will provide tools and resources to assist you to enhance your community change effort by applying the three pre-conditions and the five conditions of collective impact to your own community initiative.

Keynote speaker and workshop facilitator, Sylvia Cheuy, will provide resources and facilitate dialogues that engage participants in exploring and applying the Collective Impact framework to your own projects. This includes: key questions collaborative tables need to consider before applying the collective impact framework; examples of Collective Impact in action and resources that you can use to transfer the learning from this workshop to colleagues and others who you are collaborating with. She will also lead us in conversations about the new forms of collaborative leadership and governance required to support multi-sector community collaborations. 

Throughout the day, you will learn the key concepts of collective impact, spend time in dialogue and consider how to apply what you are learning to increase the effectiveness of your own collaboration work. You will also have an opportunity to connect and exchange with other participants during the workshop.

"Subsequent to 8 community members attending your Collective Impact training, an amazing shift occurred in our community. We now have a basis of understanding with a common language for moving forward on complex issues that no one single entity can solve in isolation. More importantly, a positive attitude with sincere enthusiasm to collaborate cross-sector has emerged!" 

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