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4 November, 2015 to 6 November, 2015

Ideas FestivalThe 21inc Ideas Festival is one of Canada's most inspiring, challenging and stimulating forums. Occurring only once every two years, it is where Atlantic Canada's emerging business and government leaders gather with their peers and the region's established business leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, artists, educators, policy makers and designers, to engage in the ideas shaping our future, and equip themselves with the knowledge and networks to transcend our biggest challenges. It is open to any solutions-oriented individual wishing to have serious discussions with over 200 influential people about the future of our region.

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Leadership in the 21st Century is changing. The challenge placed on leaders is not to react to change but to innovate and drive change. In order to do this we need to develop the forums where people from all sectors, and especially our leaders of tomorrow, will be ready and able to make decisions that will bring about thriving organizations and communities in Atlantic Canada in the 21st Century.

Pre and post Festival

21inc will be taking the lead role in heightening everyone’s awareness around the challenges and opportunities we face in Atlantic Canada. Not only will we host pre-festival events such as public dialogues  or luncheon conferences, but we will also post informative material on several topics that will be addressed during the Ideas Festival. Beyond the Festival, we will continue our public dialogues across Atlantic Canada to pursue the conversations. Our quarterly magazine, 21inc, will also devote a section to subject-related articles and report on the key initiatives’s progress that were instigated during our Proaction café. 

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