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4 December, 2015

Start co-operating.

Are you interested in starting a co-operative? Do you work for a co-op or a credit union and want to learn more about the co-op sector? Does the idea of co-operation interest you?

That's why we're here. Come and learn all about the co-op sector, co-operatives, how and why to start one, and how the BCCA can help you as you think of ways to build a co-operative economy.

Learn about co-op business basics.

Learn about the history of co-ops, different kinds of co-ops ranging from consumer co-ops to worker co-ops to nonprofit co-ops at this workshop.

Participants will also explore how to take their idea towards the development of a co-op, including:

  • The co-op development path
  • Assessing a business idea
  • Feasibility and business planning
  • The nuts and bolts of starting a co-op
  • Support and assistance from the BCCA and the co-op sector

Access co-op development support.

If you are representing a group that is exploring co-operation as a business idea, taking a Co-ops 101 course allows your group to register with the BCCA as an "Emerging Co-op" and access ongoing BCCA support, including access to co-op development experts, ongoing advice, discounted training and education, and more. 

Attend via interactice webinar.

BCCA workshops are offered via online interactive webinar. You can attend from the comfort of your home, your office, or your iPad, anywhere in the world.

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