Our Role in the Climate Movement: '21 Stories of Transition' with Rob Hopkins

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16 December, 2015

8am - 9:30am Pacific Time

Join Transition Towns founder Rob Hopkins along with transition organizers from all around the country for an informative telephone conference about the role of Transition in the climate justice movement and the Paris talks. Hopkins will share lessons from his timely new book, '21 Stories for Transition.'

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November 1st sees the publication of a landmark new publication from Transition Network.  '21 Stories of Transition: how a movement of communities is coming together to reimagine and rebuild our world' is published in advance of the COP21 climate negotiations in Paris in December, and is a joyous and inspiring celebration of what the Transition movement has become.  Here Rob Hopkins, who harvested the stories contained in the book, introduces it: 

It tells 21 stories of 39 Transition projects in 15 countries, drawing out some staggering insights into their impacts (for example, between them, our 21 stories alone have saved car travel equivalent to driving to the Moon and back 3 times, installed renewable energy equivalent to that needed by 4,000 homes, put over £1 million of local currencies into circulation, and generated over 18,500 hours of volunteer input).  But those are just the measurable impacts.  So much of what these groups do is much harder to measure, but just as important.  

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