Rural Labour Mobility: Cohesion and social inclusion policy in Europe

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23 March, 2016

Rural Policy Learning Commons11am Eastern Time | 10am Central Time

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Labour mobility is one of the central principles of the European Union (EU). It is an important element not only in relation to economic objectives, but is also viewed as important in strengthening territorial social cohesion and social inclusion. The emphasis on the free movement of labour – between occupations and of workers between regions and countries in the EU – is perceived as a mechanism for ensuring a good match between the skills and experience of workers and the jobs they hold, as well as an important characteristic of an effective labour market. The presentation will provide an overview of recent trends in rural migration in the EU and a discussion of some of challenges in reconciling labour mobility and social cohesion/inclusion.

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Philomena de LimaPhilomena de Lima is a Sociologist and the Director of the Centre for Remote and Rural Studies at University of the Highlands and Islands, Inverness College. She has a particular interest in exploring the complex and intersecting relationships between ‘communities of place’ (rural places in particular) and ‘communities of interests’, challenging normative assumptions about rural places and communities and giving voice to diverse groups who are ‘othered’ on various grounds. She has applied her interests to issues such as belonging and intersectional identities, transnationalism, migration, ethnicity and race, poverty and social exclusion and mental health.

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