Baristas, Clerks & Geeks: Own Your Own Job - How Employees Can Be Co-op Owners and Help Create a Better World

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29 March, 2016

The Co-op Model Workshop Series8:30am to 10:30am Eastern Time
CSI Spadina, 215 Spadina, 4th floor
Alterna Savings Room

Baristas, telemarketers and clerks with university degrees, student loan debt, minimum wage jobs and precarious employment. Sound familiar? Many people have the knowledge, skills and drive to run their own businesses, and have friends and colleagues with similar interests. If you’d like to start a business with others, employee-owned co-ops may be the answer.

Participants will learn the steps for creating a successful employee-owned co-op and how these shared ownership enterprises have succeeded in creating jobs while contributing to community and environmental solutions.

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