Cities Reducing Poverty: When Mayors Lead

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5 April, 2016 to 7 April, 2016

A Vibrant Communities National Gathering

Citizens and their Mayors in both big and small cities are making poverty reduction a priority and just about every progressive city council in Canada is working on or is planning some form of a poverty reduction strategy.

According to the National Post, Medicine Hat just became the first city in Canada to end homelessness. Big city mayors like Don Iveson in Edmonton and John Tory in Toronto have just launched major strategies, and mayors Walter Sendzik in St. Catharines and Matt Brown in London have announced new advisory panels on poverty reduction. These are just a few examples of recent successes led by mayors. 

Cities* Reducing Poverty: When Mayors Lead will bring together mayors, provincial and territorial representatives, poverty reduction roundtable members, and interested individuals across the country in an effort to:

  • Raise awareness about the issue of urban poverty;
  • Present solutions and examples from cities that are addressing urban poverty effectively; and
  • Develop recommendations for provinces and the federal government to help cities tackle poverty.

Register for Cities Reducing Poverty

Let's leverage our collective efforts and build the movement to reduce poverty across Canada.

* The word cities is used mainly to differentiate local poverty reduction efforts from provincial and federal initiatives and strategies. Please note that the event will feature communities of all sizes and smaller and rural municipalities have intentionally been invited to attend in addition to big cities.

Attend this unique gathering where:

  • Big and small city mayors will attend and share their stories
  • Brock Carlton (FCM) and Paul Born (Tamarack) will present a key paper on cities reducing poverty
  • Aboriginal poverty will form a key part of the learning agenda
  • You'll hear stories about community innovation techniques leading to poverty reduction
  • You'll spend an entire afternoon touring unique sites in Edmonton to hear the story of their poverty reduction strategy and then meet the amazing people behind it
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