State of Rural Canada: Panel Discussion Webinar

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20 September, 2016

10:00 am CST

Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation
Rural Policy Learning Commons

The Rural Policy Learning Commons (RPLC) is proud to partner with the Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation (CRRF) to bring together a panel of rural researchers in this exclusive webinar.

In 2015, CRRF developed the "State of Rural Canada Report" to help draw attention to rural challenges. Panelists will highlight details of the report and identify issues that will likely be discussed at the upcoming 2016 CRRF/RPLC Annual Conference in Guelph in October.


Sean Markey, Simon Fraser University
Ryan Gibson, University of Guelph
Heather Hall, University of Saskatchewan
Al Lauzon, University of Guelph
Laurie Guimond, Universite du Quebec a Montreal
Robert Greenwood, Memorial University
Chris Southcott, Lakehead University

To attend, please RSVP: blatherwickm at

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