Could Shared Ownership Be the Right Fit for You?

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3 November, 2016

The Shared Ownership Workshop Series7:00pm to 9:00pm
St. Catharines Club (Crystal Room)
77 Ontario Street

Co-operatives are a distinctive and highly successful form of social enterprise. 

One or more stakeholder groups (consumers, employees, entrepreneurs, and/or other organizations) jointly own and democratically direct the enterprise to meet their objectives. In Ontario alone, we have more than 1,200 co-operative enterprises and organizations in 400 communities with 15,000 employees.

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In this series of three workshops, participants will learn about the distinctive features and values of co-operative enterprises; how these enterprises are structured and incorporated, with a focus on employee-owned co-operatives (worker co-ops); and how succession planning can be used to transform an existing business into a co-operative enterprise. Participants will also have opportunity to engage with co-op practitioners and entrepreneurs from across Southern Ontario.

November 3rd
Workshop 1: Could Shared Ownership Be the Right Fit for You?
How Social Innovators Are Using Co-op Enterprises

November 10th 
Workshop 2: Baristas, Clerks & Geeks: Own Your Own Job
How Employees Can Be Co-op Owners and Help Create a Better World

November 17th 
Workshop 3: Buy Out the Boss
How to Transform an Existing Business into a Successful and Sustainable Co-op 

The Shared Ownership Workshop Series is an initiative of the Ontario Co-operative Association via the Niagara Co-op Network, thanks to funding from the Trillium Foundation of Ontario. 

St. Catharines Club
St. Catharines  Ontario
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