Co-op Basics Workshop

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29 November, 2016

Discover co-operatives: Democratic decision making; Focused on community; Investing locally6:30pm to 8:30pm
Edmonton Intercultural Centre
9538 – 107 Avenue

Today co-operatives are innovators and leaders in community economic development! They are found in every part of the economy and provide important services such as housing and health care. They are an important part of our history, have built strong communities, and thrived in times of economic uncertainty.

The Alberta & Co-operative Association's introductory presentation informs participants about what makes the model unique. It features an overview of the movement, the co-operative structure, values and principles, and explains how these factors have contributed to their success.

This two-hour evening is presented with the following audience in mind:

  • Learners interested in different types of business structures
  • People who work in, or who would like to start a co-operative
  • Business owners interested in succession planning that involves selling all or part of their business to their employees
  • Economic development officers or those interested in the benefits of community investment

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The workshop will have a strong focus on community economic development, and provide a strong foundation on the co-operative movement, structure and advantage. This includes:

History and evolution of the co-operative movement

  • A global phenomenon that has grown to one billion members worldwide.
  • An important part of Alberta’s history.

The co-operative structure

  • What makes a co-operative different than a corporation, charity, or not-for profit.
  • Understanding the co-operative advantage.
  • How local ownership and control strengthens the local economy.

How co-operatives are responding to present day needs

  • Local food
  • Succession planning
  • Renewable energy
  • Raising local capital

To learn more about the event please contact Seth Leon, Manager of Co-operative Services, at sleon at or call 587-216-2144

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