An Army of Problem Solvers: A webinar with Shaun Loney

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7 December, 2016

An Army of Problem SolversUnemployment on First Nations and in inner city neighbourhoods? Climate change? Exponential diabetes rates? Unaffordable government? High incarceration rates? There are no shortage of chronic and insatiable societal problems.

Shaun Loney's An Army of Problem Solvers offers good news at a time when we need it most. Loney draws on his experience as one of Canada's leading social enterprise developers and his time as a senior civil servant to offer up a new and practical vision.

The problem isn't the problems, he says. The problem is that governments prevent problem solvers from doing their job.

Just who are the problem solvers? Loney makes the case that social enterprises, social entrepreneurs and the small farm movement comprise the "solutions economy". Governments will soon understand that it is their job to "make it easy for problem solvers."

The book comes at a time when Canada is discussing what reconciliation between Indigenous Canadians and the rest of the country means. Loney argues that we can’t achieve it without allowing the re-emergence of local economies. An Army of Problems Solvers answers the question: "what does nation-to-nation mean?"

Watch the webinar to learn more about Shaun Loney's new book An Army of Problem Solvers and learn how you can join ranks!


Shaun LoneyShaun Loney, author and social enterprise developer

Shaun is a longtime member of the Canadian CED Network, an Ashoka Fellow (first in Canadian Prairies) and an Ernst and Young's Entrepreneur of the Year (2014). He has co-founded and mentored 11 social enterprises including BUILD Inc (2011 Scotia Bank EcoLiving Green Business of the year and 2013 Manitoba Apprenticeship Employer of the Year). Shaun was Director of Energy Policy for the Government of Manitoba (2002-2008 and political advisor to Gary Doer's NDP (1997-2002). Shaun lives in Winnipeg, with his partner Fiona. Between them they have three teenage boys. Shaun is proud to be part of a strong and visionary social enterprise team that is flourishing across the country.  An Army of Problem Solvers is Shaun’s second book, following BUILD Prosperity: Energizing Manitoba’s Local Economy.


Darcy PennerDarcy Penner, Social Enterprise Policy Manager with the Canadian CED Network

Darcy has been working in community economic development since graduating from the University of Winnipeg with a BA (Honours) degree in Politics. Starting at CCEDNet in 2013, his role has seen him work with member-organizations to pursue a broad policy agenda through workshops, presentations, budget submissions, policy papers and community-organizing, while specializing in supportive social enterprise policy and research – including being the Project Manager for the Manitoba Social Enterprise Strategy being co-produced with the Province of Manitoba, and coordinating the Manitoba Social Enterprise Sector Survey


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