Planning for Your Organization's Financial Sustainability

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8 February, 2017 to 22 March, 2017

Planning for Your Organization's Financial Sustainability9:00am - 12:00pm
February 8 & 22, March 8 & 22, 2017 (Four sessions at two week intervals)
765 Main Street (Social Enterprise Centre boardroom​)

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Achieving your mission in the community depends on your ability to find the resources to meet your goals. Sustainability in this sense is holistic and includes relationships, volunteers, clear vision, and financial resources. Over four sessions you’ll learn about organizational sustainability, create a 5 year budget forecast for your organization, and explore several tools for assessing your current situation, making sound financial planning decisions, and identifying strategies for fundraising. You’ll also gain invaluable feedback and connections to other leaders.

This workshop is aimed at people in charge of planning and budgets for their organization, such as EDs or program managers. This understanding is critical for the usability of the plan that will come out of the workshops, and for the ability to provide a high level of peer support to others in the group. It is also necessary that those attending the course have time to complete some homework between sessions.

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Learning Objectives

  • Develop a 5-year budget forecast and organizational profile to clarify your financial situation
  • Identify financial and non-financial resources that are essential for a holistic sustainability plan
  • Explore diversifying your income streams to increase your organization’s stability
  • Know how to use several tools including Friend-raising, Asset Mapping, Sustainability Self-Assessment, and the Magic Matrix for Fundraising Decision-Making
  • Make strategic decisions around priorities and programming


Sarah Leeson-KlymSarah Leeson-Klym is the Regional Director for the Canadian CED Network in Manitoba, an association of people and organizations working to create sustainable, equitable, and inclusive communities. Over the last five years, Sarah has led the annual Manitoba Gathering for community & economic developers that is attended by over 500 people, was part of establishing the Enterprising Non-Profits program, and now provides leadership to the Manitoba Social Enterprise Strategy in partnership with the provincial government. She is also a board member of the Rainbow Trout Music Festival and Daniel McIntyre/St. Matthew’s Community Association.

Brendan ReimerBrendan Reimer is an activist, teacher and an organizer who has dedicated his working years to building fairer and stronger local economies, reducing poverty and homelessness, and creating more sustainable and inclusive communities. These days he does most of that work at the Assiniboine Credit Union as their Strategic Partner, Values-Based Banking. Before ACU, Brendan spent 11 years advancing these values and this work as part of the Canadian CED Network. He’s also been a director of multiple boards, including LITE Winnipeg, and spent several years working in a restorative justice organization with adults with developmental disabilities.

Quotes from past participants

Lorie English – Executive Director, West Central Women’s Resource Centre
“This series helped me understand our organization’s financial future more clearly, to build a list of capacities to enhance, and I’m leaving excited to start planning.”

Brian Jamieson- Executive Director, English Online Inc.
“I loved making the personal connections with other not-for profit directors.  Listening to their experiences allowed me to see things from a different perspective and learn about different financial models.  Several of the participants met for breakfast before one of the sessions which gave us more time to get know each other and the organization we work for.”

Lois Coleman Neufeld- Executive Director, Mediation Services
“The playing field for non-profit organizations is continuously changing. This workshop is a valuable tool for leaders to interact with others, assess present practice and explore alternative ways to work towards financial sustainability.”

Shereen Denetto – IRCOM
“This workshop was an eye opener. Brendan used easy-to-understand tools and gave clear explanations to help us think strategically and meaningfully about organizational financial sustainability. This workshop will change the way I conceptualize and help build the financial health of our organization.”

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