Symposium on Climate Change and the Economy

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31 March, 2017

Symposium Climate Change and Economy8am to 6pm
Ramada Duncan
140 Trans Canada Hwy

In early 2017 the CVRD’s Environmental Services Branch elaborated a report on Climate Projections for the Cowichan Valley Regional District with participation and input by local specialists. This will be followed by a report with focus on expected impacts of climate change on the CVRD level and a third document outlining practical adaptation and mitigation strategies. In the preamble of the Climate Projections report it is stated that the purpose of this exercise is:

"Ensuring our region is as prepared as possible is critical to maintaining community well-being, environmental health and a vibrant local economy over the long term. The 2014 to 2018 CVRD Corporate Strategic Plan has set a mandate to understand our region’s climate risks and complete adaptation plans to strengthen resilience, reduce risks, and take advantage of potentially emerging opportunities."

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Against this background the central theme of the Symposium is a timely and perfect fit reflecting the long term goals of the CVRD and immediate actions to be taken to be prepared for expected impacts of climate change on the local environment and economy.


The economy needs to be significantly modernized with a view to climate change, that is, Industry, crafts, agriculture and services need to improve their work and production in such a way that climate change does not become stronger and that its negative consequences can be absorbed. To achieve this, it is necessary to increase energy efficiency, to switch to regenerative energy sources, to reduce the consumption of water and the generation of waste.

Unless timely action is taken, water shortages and other restrictions will render whole industries ineffective and eliminate large numbers of jobs (for example, in agriculture and highly water and energy-dependent production).

Both the early conversion to a consciously better economy as well as the necessary adaptation to climate change with predictable changes in the supply of water and resources and their rising costs have a great potential of stable and high-quality jobs. A modern economy, socially and environmentally oriented, can influence and endure climate change.

We want to present and discuss these risks and opportunities at our symposium.


Three sessions of nine invited presentations will be given on Climate Change and the Economy, to be followed by a panel discussion on what this means for the Cowichan Valley. On the panel are representatives from local government, citizen groups, and the general public with vested interests in how climate change may affect the Cowichan Valley economy. This symposium brings together a wide-ranging degree of expertise to address the issues related to the overall theme of this event.

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