Cities Reducing Poverty: When Business Is Engaged

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4 April, 2017 to 6 April, 2017

Ending poverty is everyone’s business. Vibrant Communities Canada and the City of Hamilton welcome you to join the 3rd annual poverty reduction summit on April 4-6, 2017 in Hamilton, Ontario where they will build on the work of their previous national summits in 2015 (Ottawa) and 2016 (Edmonton). In 2017 they will be expanding the conversation to examine the role of business and multi-sectoral approaches to poverty reduction from across Canada.

The Cities* Reducing Poverty: When Business Is Engaged summit will bring major business leaders together with community organizers, mayors and municipal staff, federal and provincial/territorial governments, Indigenous leaders, as well as funders, policy makers, and persons with lived experience with a focus on ending poverty.

Let's take collective understanding of multi-sectoral poverty reduction to the next level.

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At Cities Reducing Poverty, participants will work to:

  • Consider key roles that businesses play in poverty reduction collaboratives, from contributory to core leadership; 
  • Learn how mayors and municipalities have been progressing with poverty reduction efforts since the 2016 Cities Reducing Poverty summit; 
  • Discover innovations in poverty reduction work;
  • Identify evaluation strategies that help us learn and create accountability in our work; and
  • Explore some of the most promising practices across the country.

This is a time of real hope as citizens, cities, provinces/territories, the federal government and the business sector join together and support one another to significantly reduce poverty in Canada. Be a part of this monumental discussion. Meet allies, access new tools, share resources, and discover new practices with sector leaders from across the nation.

*Vibrant Community Canada usse the word cities mainly to differentiate local poverty reduction efforts from provincial and federal initiatives and strategies. Please note that the event will feature communities of all sizes and will have intentionally invited smaller and rural municipalities to attend in addition to big cities.

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