Transforming Cities Through the Power of Anchor Procurement

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4 April, 2017

Transforming Cities 10:30am – 11:30am

Despite growing prosperity, thousands of Torontonians still live in poverty. In this webinar, learn about how local anchors, such as governments and educational institutions, can use their sizeable, everyday procurement and infrastructure spending to create jobs, drive inclusive economic growth and transform the local economies of cities.

In our keynote, Kurt Sommer will talk about the Baltimore Integration Partnership which has helped over 800 residents secure jobs and leveraged $149 million of investment for Baltimore’s inner-core neighbourhoods.

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Creating an anchor strategy for Toronto
Wayne Chu,  AnchorTO Program Lead

East Scarborough Works: Local institutions as economic drivers
Gillian Mason, Principal, Gillian Mason & Associates and Advisor to East Scarborough Storefront

Learn how Baltimore anchors are creating jobs and driving inclusive economic development for low-income residents.
Kurt Sommer, Director, Baltimore Integration Partnership

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