Neighbourhoods ♥ The Heart of Community: Mobilizing for Impact

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6 Jun 2017 to 8 Jun 2017

Neighbourhoods ♥ The Heart of Community Mobilizing for Impact

Hotel Universel Montréal
5000, Rue Sherbrooke Est

Today, there is a growing movement that is embracing community change at the neighbourhood level. Municipalities and organizations whose mandates span complex community issues such as – enhancing community well-being; encouraging emergency preparedness; creating age-friendly communities; and strengthening community economies – are working together with citizens on neighbourhood-based strategies to positively impact these issues. 

Embracing a local approach offers people an opportunity to tackle daunting global challenges at a manageable scale. Local engagement also draws upon people’s unique connection to place and provides the benefit of seeing first-hand the impact of their actions. 

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Neighbourhoods ♥ The Heart of Community: Mobilizing for Impact is a unique and bilingual national learning event that brings together the most innovative and inspiring examples of neighbourhood action at its best. This bilingual event invites us to accelerate our effectiveness by learning from one another and imagining how we can ensure our collective work has greater impact.

Attendees will also learn more about Montréal’s unique neighbourhood-based Collective Impact Project (CIP/PIC) that began in 2015 with a shared investment of $21 million over five years by a group of philanthropic partners, led by Centraide of Greater Montréal.  The CIP/PIC is described as “an accelerator of change that aims to increase the impact of collective action and achieve measurable and significant outcomes to reduce poverty in Montréal neighbourhoods.” This project offers “flexible and adaptable ways to support collective action” in 17 of the city’s priority neighbourhoods. 

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