Collective Impact 3.0

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28 February, 2018 to 2 March, 2018

Collective Impact (CI) 3.0 is a three-day intensive workshop for practitioners in early stage, mid stage and later stage community change work. The workshop will explore the latest in the practice of collective impact from experts, practitioners and early adopters of the work.

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Building the Practice of Collective Impact

Participants attending the workshop will join three learning streams based on their experience in collective impact. 

  • The Collective Impact 100 stream is for those individuals and groups at their early stage of their journey.  This group of practitioners will learn to identify the core readiness factors required for a community to move forward.  They will explore how to move their ideas about community change into concrete action plans. 
  • The Collective Impact 200 Stream is designed for individuals and groups that have an idea, have developed an early stage plan, and are beginning to ramp up their efforts.  Practitioners in this stream will focus on early stage evaluation and shared measurement, engaging partners in mutually reinforcing activities and setting the stage for backbone governance. 
  • The Collective Impact 300 stream will dive deeper into their collective impact efforts including deepening the evaluation and learning practice, developing an approach to sustaining collective impact efforts, and strategies for deeper engagement and ownership.
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Tamarack Institute
Edmonton  Alberta
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