National Fair Trade Conference

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2 March, 2018 to 4 March, 2018

National Fair Trade ConferenceFOR ITS 6TH YEAR, THE NATIONAL FAIR TRADE CONFERENCE will head to Vancouver, BC, where the Canadian Fair Trade Network and many other industry leaders got their start. This year we will come together to celebrate the incredible growth and success of fair trade in Canada. I can’t wait to deepen existing relationships and make new connections as we develop strategies and resources together!

Once again, they look forward to welcoming delegates from across Canada and around the world. During the conference, we will learn about fair trade, share expertise and ideas, and connect with fellow leaders and advocates—building on the foundation and energy of our past conferences, Calgary (2013), Toronto (2014), Montreal (2015), Winnipeg (2016), and Halifax (2017), to motivate and inspire continued growth across the movement.

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Connect with fair trade stakeholders from across Canada and around the world to build excitement, share resources and drive momentum within the movement. As awareness and support for fair trade continues to grow, the National Fair Trade Conference has become a key event for leaders to build connections and strengthen relationships. Sessions will focus on a range of topics in fair trade, from marketing fair trade and understanding trade policy, to sourcing and distribution, among many others. The conference provides an opportunity to look at fair trade from both grassroots and business perspectives, with the goal of broadening, deepening, and increasing the impact of the fair trade movement in Canada.

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