When You Know Your Mission Statement Isn't Enough: Skills for Dismantling Racism on Colonized Land

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12 April, 2018

Circle of hands9:00am to 4:00pm
United Way of Winnipeg Learning Centre
1st floor, 580 Main St.
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Racism, within our colonial settler environment, is entrenched. While it won’t go away easily, we can build our understanding, skill, courage and humility to dismantle racism. In doing so, we are able to transform ourselves, our organizations and our society. This workshop is for those working within community based organizations, in any role, who have gained a basic understanding of the impact racism and colonization have on our communities and want to further explore this issue to gain skills that support making change.​

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Learning Objectives

  • Build skills and practices that support the transformation of racist settler colonial culture within ourselves and our organizations, whether we experience internalized oppression or internalized superiority.
  • Learn how to shift perspective, power and dialogue for creative problem solving.
  • Explore how the trauma and harm of oppression impacts our bodies and how we can use our bodies to heal and continue the work of dismantling racism.

Facilitator Bio

Jackie HogueJackie Hogue is committed to community building and at the same time passionate about solving hard problems.  Jackie has been involved in community building and social change for 20 years, 12 of which spent in non-profit management or leadership roles where she grew and shaped organizations. As a trained, skilled facilitator, Jackie enjoys catering to a variety of learning styles to ensure meetings, community consultations or trainings are engaging and successful. Jackie is of Metis and Polish heritage and her life experiences, both locally and internationally, have informed her desire to use her skills to dismantle racism and oppression.  With years of experience in conflict resolution training, Jackie enjoys finding opportunity among challenging situations, particularly as they relate to organizational strengthening and dismantling oppression.

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