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17 June, 2018 to 20 June, 2018


4 days. 200 inspired Nova Scotians. 
Skills & strategies for a future that works.

Something is building in Nova Scotia.

  • Pressure to change systems that aren't working.
  • Local solutions, economies and lifestyles.
  • Voices speaking up from the margins.
  • Rethinking what's important. 

Our world is in turmoil.

  • We value our quality of life, a refuge in the storm.
  • We know we can't take our future for granted.
  • We see what's possible, and we know we can't get there alone.​

What would it look like if we aligned our efforts around a future that works for all?

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We are a network of diverse people and partners who are passionate about our communities and concerned about the future. We believe it is time to think bigger, look deeper, and act smarter. Our goal is to thrive—not just survive—as we take steps towards a future that works for all. ​

How We THRIVE is an experiment in "just doing it." It began with a few people dreaming of an event that would capture the energy and possibilities that are alive in the province right now. Nova Scotians from across networks, communities and walks of life would come together for four days—enough time to get below the surface of challenges that persist, share stories and inspiration, pick up new tools and strategies, and listen to what the future is calling for.

Drawing on the legacy of the Authentic Leadership in Action (ALIA) Summer Institutes (2001-14), Engage Nova Scotia's Stepping Up conference (2015), and the Community Sector Council's Many Hands, Many Voices conference (2017), How We THRIVE is a four-day learning institute that weaves together big-picture thinking, hands-on learning streams, visits to the community, mindfulness, and lots of creative engagement.

After four days we will leave with a richer understanding of how we can accelerate positive change in our communities and province. We will uncover a shared story about how we thrive, now and into the future. And we will have tools and connections we need to move towards that future. 

Halifax  Nova Scotia
Conceptual Frameworks & Approaches
Partnership Building
Sector-Based Strategies