Doing it Differently: Radical Women in Business

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18 July, 2018

Doing it differently: Radical Women in Business

5:30pm to 8:30pm
Groundswell Clubhouse
268 Keefer Street, Unit #421

At Groundswell's alternative business school, women make up 60% of our students and 70% of our active membership. We are recognizing more and more that women are bringing a powerfully different perspective to entrepreneurship and the local economy, which we want to celebrate and amplify with this event.

These women are reworking the fabric of this city. They are opening doors and pulling up invisible communities into the visible. They are talking about things many people feel scared to talk about. They mean business - and they’re doing business.

What does it mean to get paid as a woman? What does it mean to hold power as a woman? What challenges and advantages do women have in building a new social economy? Five unique voices share stories of doing business while female. Read more about the four panelists and Groundswell host below.

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We are so grateful to have these four female instigators in our community. These wise women are doing it differently: come talk, listen and learn as they share stories from their journey in creating a new social economy.

Stay after the talk and dive deeper into conversation with one of our long table community potlucks
Bring a dish to share or contribute $10 to the pot when you RSVP and we'll add something to the table on your behalf.

Featuring Groundswell advisors:

  • Catherine Ludgate, Barrier breaking banker and social justice advocate. Manager of Community Investments, Vancity.
  • Melanie Matining, Queer pinay activist, social justice change catalyst. Founder of Denim Vest.
  • Madeleine Shaw, Feminist social entrepreneur. Founder of LunapadsG Day and Nestworks

And Groundswell alum:

  • Cass King: Maker, performer, sex advocate. Founder of Mojo Emporium.

Hosted by: Paola Qualizza, Managing Director of Groundswell.

Why do we call them instigators?

Because whatever they touch looks different than anything that came before. These women operate differently, putting their values ahead of the status quo, challenging themselves and those around them to think differently about how business, lifestyle, love, and livelihoods should work in the world - and activate that thinking by using business as a tool for real, on the ground change.

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