First Nations Economic Advancement Conference

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18 September, 2018 to 20 September, 2018

First Nations Economic Advancement ConferenceThe First Nations Economic Advancement Conference's (FNEAC) focus is to help grow First Nation economies across Ontario and attract business partners, investment opportunities and development projects that will make First Nation communities more competitive, create jobs, expand markets, retain skilled workers and create more innovate First Nation communities through collaboration.

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The Ontario First Nations Economic Developers Association (OFNEDA) is the best positioned organisation to deliver a First Nations economic conference because OFNEDA's mandate is strictly focused on economic development for First Nation communities across Ontario with an emphasis on bridging the gap between corporate institutions and First Nation decision makers.  OFNEDA's mission is to help stimulate economic growth for Ontario’s First Nations. Our goal is to generate and support economic and business development activities in order to formulate policies and initiatives aimed at tackling the economic challenges facing our communities.​​

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The Ontario First Nations Economic Developers Association (OFNEDA)
Toronto  Ontario
Entrepreneurship & Business Development
First Nations, Inuit and Métis
Local economy
Regional Development