Global Perspectives on Community Change Webinar

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30 October, 2018

TamarackPre-Recorded Webinar - Released on October 30th

Speakers: Megan Courtney and Liz Weaver

In this webinar, Megan and Liz will reflect on 25 years of collective wisdom in community change from Canada to New Zealand. Based on their experiences, you'll hear about some of the most important shifts in the community change landscape and what that means for your own initiatives. Most importantly, Megan and Liz will provide insight into challenges, themes, and principles that they believe will affect the next decade of community change work.

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This webinar is a great opportunity to hear from important voices in the community change landscape, and to benefit from different perspectives on the past, present, and future of community change work. This webinar builds on the paper Reflections on Community Change: Two Countries, Two Perspectives, One Vision for Moving Forward. 


Megan Courtney

Megan Courtney is a founding member of the Inspiring Communities core team, and (amongst many things!) leads co-ordination of IC Team activities. She’s a firm believer in the power of local people and places to do amazing things and loves working alongside communities to help make locally-led action happen. 

Liz Weaver

Liz Weaver is the Co-CEO of Tamarack Institute where she is leading the Tamarack Learning Centre.Liz is well-known for her thought leadership on Collective Impact and is the author of several popular and academic papers on the topic.

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