senco Series 1: Ideation and Feasibility

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7 November, 2018 to 21 November, 2018

senco Series 1: Ideation and Feasibility (ideas wanted. change needed. apply here.)

3pm to 7pm  |  November 7th, 14th & 21st
Georgian College Campus
499 Raglan St

Our communities are facing challenges like never before. Challenges like putting food on tables, roofs over heads, ensuring there is clean water to drink, and programs to support those who it need it most. It is no longer enough to just work a job. We need businesses and places within organizations where people’s ideas on how to solve these challenges are allowed to contribute, grow and flourish. Let us at the Social Enterprise Network of Central Ontario (senco) and Georgian’s Centre For Changemaking and Social Innovation help you or your organization take the first step to building out a Flourishing Social Enterprise.

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So, you want to initiate a social enterprise but need some help exploring your idea in more detail? Or, you have a problem and need some help in defining the right solution? Once your solution is identified, we will workshop your social enterprise idea(s) through a feasibility honesty loop where you will be challenged to assess the feasibility of your idea against core concepts found in the Flourishing social business model canvas.

What you get:

  • Examine an organizational, community, or societal problem and define/frame the optimal solution
  • Tools to initiate a social enterprise
  • Test and prove feasibility of your solutions
  • Build the case of support for your initiative for your board and/or stakeholders
  • Get peer feedback and support
  • Expand your regional networks

*If the fee for this session series is a barrier for you to attend, please contact us at info at

Georgian College
Collingwood  Ontario
Entrepreneurship & Business Development
Social Economy & Social Enterprise