Understanding CSR: When One Size Doesn't Fit All

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16 November, 2018

Corporate Social Responsibility7:45am to 11:00am
London Chamber of Commerce
101-244 Pall Mall St.

One of the definitions of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is “a company's commitment to manage the social, environmental and economic effects of its operations responsibly and in line with public expectations.” 

Beyond charitable support and waste reduction programs, CSR at its best is embedded in the company through a number of elements: governance, measurement, transparency, employee experience, environmental stewardship, supply chain management, and strong community partnerships.

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In this workshop, participants will work with a panel of experts, practitioners, and CSR  champions to explore the different models and frameworks businesses can use to implement meaningful CSR initiatives. Our panelists will discuss these topics from different perspectives: B Corp, Business, Nonprofit, Financial, Consultant and Environmental.

Participants will: 

  • Explore Case Studies of CSR initiatives 
  • Learn useful frameworks, tools, and ideas to help implement their own initiatives
  • Consider community partnerships for collaborative CSR initiatives 
  • Hear stories and advice from various sector perspectives

Hear From Expert Panelists:

  • John Reimer, CEO, PeaceWorks Technology Solutions
  • Jason Menard, Content Strategist, Digital Echidna 
  • Martha Powell, President & CEO, London Community Foundations
  • Liz Arkinstall, Manager of Corporate Social Responsibility, Libro Credit Union
  • James Temple, Chief Corporate Responsibility Officer, PwC Canada
  • Michelle Kanter, Executive Director, Carolinian Canada Coalition
Pillar Nonprofit Network
London  Ontario
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