Working Across Divides

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30 January, 2019 to 1 February, 2019


Kingswood Lodge
31 Kingswood Park

A training in the art of hosting and harvesting conversations that matter

How can we come together for productive conversation that leads to collective action?

The domain of public opinion and debate has become more and more divisive in recent years, leading to the need for better strategies and tools to bridge these divides. This Art of Hosting training will provide you with facilitation tools and techniques to have challenging conversations and ensure projects gain traction with all opinions included.

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The planning and hosting team is excited to announce that we will have two world renowned Art of Hosting stewards join us in Fredericton at the Kingswood Lodge.

What is the Art of Hosting?

Art of Hosting is a set of simple yet powerful principles to design and facilitate conversations and work that taps into the whole potential of groups and individuals. It is also an international community.

Art of Hosting takes a holistic approach to conversations so that they can lead to wiser actions.

Art of Hosting is an open-source social practice that incorporates (but is not limited to) methods such as:

  • World Café
  • Complexity theory
  • Open Space Technology
  • Circle Practice
  • Storytelling & Story Harvest
  • 8 Breaths of Design
  • The Art of Harvesting

Much of the art and power of the Art of Hosting approach comes not from any individual method but learning to blend and tailor a combination of methods to serve the need and purpose of the unique context a practitioner is working with, using an understanding of underlying patterns of process design.

Fredericton  New Brunswick
Community Capacity Building
Conceptual Frameworks & Approaches
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