Growing Healthy Landscapes: Shifting the Paradigm Forum 2019

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12 February, 2019

Growing Healthy Landscapes: Shifting the Paradigm Forum 2019

8:30am to 7:00pm
Royal Ontario Museum
100 Queen's Park

You are invited to join a cross-sector conversation about how – by aligning our work on protected areas, green investment and native plants – we can accelerate our progress towards creating healthy landscapes and resilient communities in southern Ontario.

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The 2019 Shifting the Paradigm Forum will explore:

HEALTHY LANDSCAPES & COMMUNITIES: How can we collaborate to protect nature and create healthy, resilient landscapes where people and nature thrive?

GREEN INVESTMENTS: How do we use social finance to grow healthy landscapes?

NATIVE PLANTS: How do we expand the market for locally-grown native plants and support the development of an Ontario native plant seed strategy?

NATURAL INFRASTRUCTURE: How do we develop cost-effective natural infrastructure strategies that benefit wildlife, water, climate and communities?

ENGAGING LEADERSHIP: What opportunities do we have to engage governing leadership in setting priorities to support creating healthy landscapes?

This invitation is for all groups and individuals from diverse sectors who care about healthy landscapes, including:

Indigenous | Public | Private | Investment | Native Plant | Conservation | Landowner | Corporate | Municipal | Big Picture Leaders

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