Storytelling Training: Using Stories for Social Change

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12 March, 2019

Story Centre Canada - Fresh StoriesThere is a definite buzz around storytelling these days, and there is such huge potential within the non-profit world to harness the power in personal narratives for positive change. Storytelling is a great way to explore a wide diversity of experiences, bring awareness to issues through personal reflection and connect people through shared experiences, particularly in communities or with individuals who have historically been marginalized.

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This interactive workshop will give participants an opportunity to experience writing and sharing personal stories firsthand and discuss how stories can be shared as training tools, as a device for fundraising, at community organizing events, in policy and advocacy arenas, to promote learning and dialogues, capacity building and to support social justice and human rights both locally and globally. Sample digital stories will be shown and discussed throughout the workshop. Come prepared to participate in story activities, share your stories, listen to the stories of others and take part in discussions! The workshop is designed for those with beginner to intermediate knowledge of storytelling.

About the Instructor 

Rani Sanderson is Canadian Projects Director for StoryCentre Canada, where she develops and implements digital storytelling workshops for non-profit organizations across the country. Rani has a background in film studies and production, later obtaining her Masters of Environmental Studies, where she concentrated on community arts and environmental education.

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