Unlocking Access: Achieving Barrier-Free Service

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28 March, 2019
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9:00 am to 12:00 pm

United Way of Winnipeg Learning Centre
1st floor, 580 Main St.
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What audience do you have in mind when booking meetings, designing programming, and developing resources? Much of what restricts people from participating in meetings and events is not their disability, but, rather, an inaccessible environment. Developing accessibility literacy goes beyond simple space considerations. In this workshop, we will provide considerations for planning accessible meetings and events, provide guidelines to follow for print documents as well as develop an understanding of appropriate and inappropriate disability terminology and imagery. 

Learning Objectives: 

Heather Hiscock
  • Tools for planning accessible meetings and events
  • Guidelines for developing accessible print documents
  • Learn appropriate disability terminology and imagery


Heather Hiscock is a Training Coordinator at the Society for Manitobans with Disabilities in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Heather’s background in the field of Therapeutic Recreation has helped grow her passion for inclusion and increasing awareness of disability issues. Heather specializes in the development and delivery of cross-disability training to businesses and organizations. Her role at SMD also includes leading the organization’s Accessibility Working Group as the Accessibility Coordinator. Heather is also active in the community as a volunteer in the non-profit sector and maintains her Aquatic Fitness Certification with the Manitoba Fitness Council.
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