Purposing Our Stories: Making Marketable Content

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23 April, 2019
Start Time: 

United Way of Winnipeg Learning Centre
1st floor, 580 Main St.
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Securing funding or donations for your non-profit, or marketing your social enterprise to build your client list is crucial to the success of communication icons (like facebook, instagram, sign language) arranged within a honeycomb tile grid your organization, but staff capacity is limited and you may feel like you're recycling the same grant application over and over again. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming to explain all the good things your organization does, or share that work with others in a meaningful way.

Are you worried you're not standing out? Fear not! In this workshop, you'll learn the skills to identify the good stories your organization already has --even if you don't know it--and you'll learn how to utilize them over multiple platforms to create a stockpile of marketable material you can draw from and add to. 

Learning Objectives: 

  • Learn to identify good stories your organization already has

  • Understand how adapt stories across multiple platforms 

  • Develop a stockpile of marketable material 


Sara Atnikov has a buffet of skills gleaned from over a decade working in the non-profit industry and as
a freelance writer. She’s worked in development, marketing, public relations and fundraising positions at Spence Neighbourhood Organization, LITE, The Manitoba Cooperative Association, Red River College, the U of W, CCPA, and Purpose Construction (formerly MGR). She also started and ran Workforce Staffing Solutions, a non-profit social enterprise.

As a freelancer, she’s worked for CBC in various capacities, including a news web writer and as a chase producer for local radio. She was an associate producer on the syndicated radio show Now or Never, and regularly contributes to CBC Arts.

Jessica Antony is a writer, editor, and educator. She has over a decade of experience in content creation, editing, and project management, having worked as the managing editor of a publishing company before starting her own consultancy, Anchor Editorial Services. 

In addition to teaching a writing course at the University of Winnipeg, she is a published author, freelance writer, and works with a number of clients ranging from marketing agencies to design companies to book publishers.

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