A Community Engagement Thought-Leader Series (Calgary)

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6 May, 2019

Tamarack is excited to present a special one-day workshop with Max Hardy, a leading Australian Community Engagement consultant, along with Liz Weaver and Sylvia Cheuy of the Tamarack Institute to learn core principles and innovative practices to better engage your community.

If you are seeking new, high-impact ways for organizations and communities to work together to create social change, this is a learning opportunity you won’t want to miss.  Drawing on case studies from Australia and Canada, as well as techniques and activities that demonstrate alternative ways to meaningfully engage communities/citizens throughout the lifespan of your project, workshop participants will leave with the confidence to design and lead efforts to generate effective solutions to address our most challenging community issues.

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What Will I Learn?

Through a mix of engaging presentations, peer learning opportunities, and interactive exercises, you will learn to:

  • Establish a Common Agenda Differently – Utilizing diverse participation in the process of framing what needs to shift
  • Apply the Lens of Appreciative Inquiry – Using paired interviews, identifying the positive core of community, and framing provocative propositions about ‘desired futures’
  • Design and Facilitate Citizens Juries – Deliberative engagement can change the game. You will learn the principles and design elements of successful citizen jury processes and have an opportunity to experience the power of deliberative democracy during a compelling role play
  • Cultivate Citizen Leadership – Learn tools and approaches that create opportunities for citizens to undertake research, make sense of what emerges from that research, and offer their leadership to solutions that their research has generated

This Workshop is for:

  • Municipal Leaders – Municipal staff and elected officials who are seeking more meaningful engagement of residents and those most impacted by issues in the generation of new solutions
  • Citizen Leaders – Leaders of neighbourhood associations and those championing neighbourhood strategies
  • Social Innovators & Community Changemakers – Practitioners who want to more fully embed authentic engagement practices into their approach to addressing tough and/or emerging issues.
  • Leaders of NGOs & Community Organizations – Staff who are involved in cross-sector collaborations focused on innovation & systems change
  • Collective Impact Backbone Leaders – Anyone in a leadership role in the design and implementation of a Collective Impact initiative
  • Policy-makers, Researchers & Funders – Those who want to strengthen citizen engagement in their own work and are wanting to invest in efforts to strengthen the civic capacity of individuals and communities.
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