Evaluation + Design: Evaluating Systems Change

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22 May, 2019 to 23 May, 2019

Evaluating Systems ChangeJoin them for an innovative evaluation workshop where they dive into one of the most critical challenges for today’s social innovators and evaluators – designing evaluations for systems change.

Community change initiatives across the country are working to tackle a diversity of issues such as early childhood development, health care, education, poverty and homelessness, immigration, and workforce development, but evaluating the progress and impacts of these initiatives is an ever-present challenge.

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In the last six years, the Tamarack Institute team has run 10 iterations of the Evaluating Community Impact: Capturing and Making Sense of Community Outcomes workshop, a three-day session to introduce social innovators, evaluators and funders of community change initiatives to the latest and most practical evaluation ideas and practices.

Building on the series, the Evaluation + Design: Evaluating Systems Change workshop aims to go deeper on one of the most critical – and difficult to assess – challenges of making sustained progress on complex issues: evaluating the changes in the systems underlying complex challenges. As Karen Pittman, CEO of the Forum on Youth Investment and past presenter with the Tamarack Institute noted:

"Programmatic interventions help people beat the odds; systemic interventions help change the odds for people." 

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