Social Economy Through Social Inclusion Summit

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27 September, 2019

2019 SETSI SummitA Day of Diversity, Solidarity and Intergenerational Collaboration

8:00am to 4:00pm
The Learning Enrichment Foundation 
116 Industry Street

This September we unite old allies and connect with new ones. We convene to connect, share, learn, collaborate and co-create a movement for sustainable social impact!

The 2019 SETSI Summit will bring together unlikely allies and the broader equity-seeking communities across the social economy landscape to build and unpack the intersectionality of our collective works and impact. Through dialogue and deliberation, we will strategize around the inclusion of the SPO’s (Social Purpose Organizations) and constituents who have traditionally been excluded from the sector. It will be a day of capacity building in which thought leaders will discuss; Self-Determination, Social Innovation, Social Finance, Social Economy, Cooperatives, RSCA’s (Rotating Savings and Credit Associations), Mutual Aid Societies, SJE’s (Social Justice Enterprises), B Corps, Community Owned Assets, Community Bonds, Social Impact Bonds, The Solidarity Economy and Collective Organizing.

The day will be full of networking and dynamic speakers.

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Who can participate

The summit will benefit social purpose org leaders, community organizers, community economic development leaders, policy analysts, executive directors, board members, civic leaders and staff of non-profit organizations. The summit will also build the capacity of students, government staffers, consultants, trainers, philanthropists, and funders.

SETSI (Social Economy Through Social Inclusion)
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