Canadian Worker Co-op Federation Conference 2019

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24 October, 2019

Building Resilient Communities – Ecology, Equality, and Workplace Democracy

This is the theme for the CWCF 2019 Conference, which will take place in Tatamagouche, NS from October 24th – 26th, in conjunction with CoopZone.

As with all businesses, the climate crisis presents a challenge for worker co-ops. Unlike with many other businesses, however, it is one that worker co-ops are well-positioned to respond to. Because of their roots in their communities and democratic structure, worker co-ops can play a critical role in not only responding to climate change but in creating the kind of shared concern for communities that the world needs now more than ever. Worker co-ops and their principles and values offer an alternative to decision making based on profit alone. Because worker co-ops live and work in their communities they are well positioned to be at the centre of this transformation. We now face a climate crisis—–worker co-ops can help transform our world to a better economy, society, and environment for everyone.

In addition to covering this important theme at the Conference, there will be a Worker Co-op Intensive session, workshops on topics of practical interest, and great networking opportunities.

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Canadian Worker Co-op Federation
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