Five Good Ideas About Building Power for Change

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26 February, 2020

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Our cities are becoming increasingly unaffordable and income inequality is widening faster than ever before. People, communities, and an entire generation are being squeezed out. The decisions made in the halls of power can either take us down a more progressive path or deepen the divide. Unfortunately, many decision-makers are removed from the day-to-day experiences of the people they represent. So how can we influence and shape the decisions being made? What power do we have to create meaningful change and transform our cities? In this Five Good Ideas session, Michal Hay, founder of Progress Toronto, shares her experiences on building power, winning, and making change. She offers to give good ideas for building democratic power to win.

Can't make it to the live event? You can remotely access the presentation and participate in a virtual chat during the session on the Five Good Ideas webpage.

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Toronto  Ontario
Community Capacity Building
Policy Development & Advocacy
Poverty Reduction