Using Social Acquisition for Business Recovery in the Atlantic Region

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30 April, 2020
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CCEDNet and WISIR invite you to a discussion about ‘social acquisition’ in the Atlantic region. 

Discussion led by

  • Sarah Leeson-Klym, CCEDNet Regional Networks Director
  • Meg Ronson, WISIR L3 Project Manager
  • Laurie Cook, CCEDNet Board President and Chutzpah Consulting
  • Andy Horsnell, Vice Chair of Social Enterprise Council of Canada, and independent consultant

Thursday, April 30, 2020
1:00pm - 4:00pm Atlantic time
Via Zoom (you'll receive connection information upon registration)

"Social acquisition” is an umbrella term for conversions of privately-owned small businesses--especially those whose owners are looking to retire, or who are struggling to respond to the challenges of the Covid 19 pandemic--to social enterprises, co-operatives, or other innovative community partnerships. This concept has been explored by many CCEDNet members, both in the Atlantic region and elsewhere, and holds promise for keeping essential businesses in our local communities. Currently, WISIR  is running the Legacy Leadership Lab, an 18-month initiative funded by the Government of Canada’s Investment Readiness Program to assemble a network of invested professionals and organizations and help them build products and services that will enable social acquisitions in communities across Canada. 

We want to build off their learning and your local knowledge to explore the potential of this model for the Atlantic region. You can expect to learn about the concepts of business succession, co-operative conversion, and the WISIR L3 process but also have a chance to discuss realities of local communities both generally and in this uncertain time of pandemic response. You’re welcome to attend whether you’ve been part of the L3 process or not.

Join us for an engaging discussion to find out more about social acquisition and consider how we move forward together to build a resilient, local, socially impactful economy in Atlantic Canada.

For more information, contact Sarah Leeson-Klym at sleesonklym (at)

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