Organizing Across Sectors & Silos: Weaving Networks

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29 May, 2020

CCEDNet geese imageJoin CCEDNet for the May installment of our Local Organizing for Fair Economies (LOFE) community of practice, "Organizing Across Sectors & Silos: Weaving Networks."

The conditions for social, economic, and environmental policy change are strongest when government hears a loud, collective voice from across communities. At the same time, it's hard to maintain deep principles of inclusion, autonomy, grassroots leadership while building unified messages and advocacy.

Sometimes we end up at such a high level that the specifics are lost. Sometimes there's too much compromise for collective effort to feel right. Other times there are 'too many cooks in the kitchen' or all the work gets lumped on one leader.

How do we bridge across movements and build powerful coalitions but also maintain strong collaborative, inclusive, and participatory practice? Can we avoid the pitfalls of consolidating or homogenizing our incredible movements and instead create 'economies of network' to build power?

Join us for a conversation exploring how we organize across sectors, break down silos, and weave our movements. We'll learn about the 'network weaving' model and then discuss other practical tools, practices, and principles for building collaborative and active organizing structures.

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Conceptual Frameworks & Approaches
Sector-Based Strategies