Democratize This! What Time Is It On the World Clock?

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5 July, 2020

Ricardo Levins Morales Artwork

Democratize This! What Time is It on the Clock of the World with Ricardo Levins Morales is the public launch of the Democratize This! weninar series July 5th through August 16, 2020.

During Democratize This! organizers invite people to think and collaborate rather than panic and react. Through presentation, performance, and small group work we will explore the question: How do small groups instigate systems change towards a more just and desirable future for everyone? 

This first event will explore the nature of the crisis we are living in and the opportunity to design strategic social interventions in many domains. Our guest will be Ricardo Levins Morales, the well known Minneapolis based, Puerto Rican artist and movement elder who has worked for decades on sustainable activism, organizing, and strategy.

Registration for the entire seven-week webinar is not required. Sliding scale options available.


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