Effectively Launching a Collective Impact Initiative

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25 August, 2020

Tamarack Institute LogoSocial problems can be complex and multi-faceted. Greater impact is harder to achieve if organizations work in silos to try and resolve them. All levels of the society including the government, social service agencies, corporates and the public must strive to take a structured collaborative approach to create sustainable solutions.

This webinar will cover the micro-skills and tactical issues surrounding setting up a Collective Impact Initiative. The key topics of the seminar include:

  • From incremental thinking to transformational action
  • Issues suitable for Collective Impact
  • Top 5 deliverables and 9 strategic actions in your first year
  • Continuous communication purpose and tips
  • Implementing a Community Engagement strategy
  • Drafting a plan
  • Getting ready for Year 2
  • Hear stories that inspire

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