A Resilient Recovery for Manitoba’s Economy

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7 October, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic, like everywhere in the world, has stressed out the Manitoba economy in all pockets of the province. 

But, a resilient recovery for Manitoba could look like renewable energy projects led by First Nations providing jobs and prosperity to communities. It could look like rural communities reaping local benefits while strengthening provincial food security. Or, it could look like government or institutions purchasing from inner city enterprises that support local hiring from marginalized communities. 

In the midst of fear and worry, these and many more Community Economic Development (CED) innovations are equitable, just, and sustainable practices that could be at the heart of economic recovery and development across Manitoba. 

You can be part of the growing number of Manitobans committed to our resilient recovery through CED.

By joining the live stream on October 7th, you will gain knowledge of innovatinve community projects and connect these with a broader understanding of Manitoba’s economic picture.

Tune in and you will find out what’s needed to encourage the provincial and municipal governments to support a resilient recovery through CED with innovative public policy decisions.


CCEDNet and Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives - Manitoba Office
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