Building a Resilient and Equitable Economy Post-Covid: What Worker Co-operatives Do

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23 October, 2020

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12:00pm Eastern Time
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Worker co-operatives, and co-operatives in general, are more resilient than corporately and privately owned businesses to many economic challenges.  How have they done in the midst of a global pandemic, an economic and climate crisis?  There is good news here for renewing our commitment to the growth of worker co-operatives in Canada and various other countries.  Will worker co-operatives pick up the banner of hope against these global challenges?

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Eric Tusz-King is a member of Aster Environmental Services Co-operative in Sackville, New Brunswick. Previously Eric was a founding member and manager of EnerGreen Builders Co-operative that was created in 2006 to help homeowners to have energy efficient homes. He has initiated, encouraged and/or been a member of several different types of co-operatives. The most recent initiatives are Beauséjour Renewable Energy Co-operative, an investment co-operative in community solar and wind renewable energy projects and Open Sky Co-op, a solidarity co-op that provides residence, vocational and social support for people who face barriers due to mental health or social development. With Eric also being a diaconal minister in the United Church of Canada, he is quite comfortable with engaging in conversations with a theological or spiritual lens. Eric also works part-time as a co-operative developer with the Co-operative Enterprise Council of New Brunswick. Eric is the Course Director for the CoopZone co-operative developer education courses. He is currently the Canadian Worker Co-operatives Federation’s Atlantic Board Director.

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