What If We Could Build Relationships and Bridge Gaps Between Ecosystem Players?

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17 November, 2020

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10:00am to 11:30am Pacific Time
1:00pm to 2:30pm Eastern Time

There are many, many, moving parts in the Social Value Marketplace economy. No two communities or situations are the same. Depending on where you stand in the ecosystem your experience, frustrations, hurdles, and possibilities will look different from others.

Each of us has many things to consider in our own ‘silos’. Maybe some of the answers reside in other parts of the ecosystem. Understanding what purchasers, enterprisers, and financiers are grappling with … together … we can come to grips with things better by crossing those boundaries. The more diversity we can invite into this workshop the better.

What if we cleared the air on what is frustrating you, what your concerns are, and the hurdles you face? What if you were in contact with people who shared those experiences and are also moving through them? What if you could better understand what your partners really have to offer and need?

How can we find, amongst us, what we most need to be freed to play our own part more effectively? What if we found ways to collaborate to advance our mutual goals?

In this workshop you will have an opportunity to air your frustrations, name your hurdles, ask for what you need, and offer what you have to bring to the table … in order to grow your place in the Marketplace Revolution.

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