Passing the Torch: Propelling Co-ops Forward

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18 November, 2020

CMC Webinar series bannerThis webinar is presented by CMC’s Canada’s Emerging Co‑operators. The study Co‑operatives and Mutuals in the Age of Uncertainty done by Co‑operatives and Mutuals Canada in collaboration with Abacus Data, clearly shows that millennials and post-millennials share the values associated with the co‑operative model, but don’t know much about it. In this webinar, engaged young co‑operative professionals, will share their answers to some of the following important questions and many more! 

How can we raise the profile of the co‑operative sector and introduce it to the next generation of members, consumers and      citizens? 

To be attractive to millennials and post‑millennials, are today’s co‑operatives promoting enough the foundational principles and      values at the origin of the co-op movement? 

Could an emphasis on the values and principles attract the next generation of leaders and help them meet the demands of socially conscious consumers?

What challenges and opportunities does the sector face? 

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