Key Policy Recommendations for Strengthening Community Economies

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19 November, 2020

Webinar promo image: Key Policy Recommendations for Strengthening Community Economies, November 19 | 2pm Eastern Time (includes pictures of all the speakers against a backdrop of dandelions)Complex challenges like unemployment, poverty, the decline of economic activity and subsequent reduction of social services in urban and rural communities, reconciliation with Indigenous peoples, systemic racism, and climate change require comprehensive responses.  The COVID-19 pandemic has laid bare many of the weaknesses in our social and economic systems, exacerbating some of these challenges and drawing attention to others as we, collectively, find a way forward that results in a more sustainable, inclusive, and equitable future for all.  

Across Canada and around the world, community economic development (CED) initiatives already foster inclusive economic revitalization, access to capital for business development, local ownership of resources, job creation, poverty reduction, and environmental stewardship.  At a larger scale, CED can provide the foundation for COVID-19 recovery that allows us to “build back better”.

What, specifically, do we want to see happen right now?  What are the key policy changes that will facilitate the implementation of CED solutions to communities’ challenges?

On November 19 we talked about our current policy priorities, how they can accelerate economic recovery in a COVID and post-COVID world, and how you can get involved!  

Guest Speakers:

  • Raissa Marks, Government Relations Director & Mike Toye, Executive Director, Canadian Community Economic Development Network
  • Hazel Corcoran, Executive Director, Canadian Worker Co-op Federation
  • Kelly Dowdell, Policy & Research Specialist, Momentum
  • Teshini Harrison, Policy Analyst, Ontario Nonprofit Network
  • Wendy Keats, Executive Director, Co-operative Enterprise Council of New Brunswick
  • David Lepage, Managing Partner, Buy Social Canada


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