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30 November, 2020

Promo Banner for the Indigenomics Insitute event "Designing our Economies: Indigenomics by Design Virtual Forum. Monday, November30th, 2020 ( Indigenomics Institute invites Indigenous leaders, businesses and organizations, government, educational institutions, private industry and corporations to Designing our Economies | Indigenomics by Design Virtual Forum. This forum, on Monday November 30th, 2020 will focus on the path towards Indigenous economic freedom, and will be an opportunity to come together to advance the vision of an annual national $100 Billion Dollar Indigenous economy. 

Indigenomics is modern constructive economic design. This forum will focus on Indigenous economic design as fundamental to the success of the emerging national annual $100 billion dollar Indigenous economy. Building our collective economic response to now is essential to build upon a strong foundation of resilience that will be felt for generations. 

The 2020 Indigenomics '10 to Watch' List will be announced. The Institute publishes this annual list of businesses and organizations who demonstrate excellence, innovation, leadership and committed action towards the growth of the Indigenous economy.​

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About the Indigenomics Institute

The Indigenomics Institute is an Indigenous economic advisory for public governments, Indigenous communities and the private sector. The Indigenomics Institute focuses on four core areas in overcoming Indigenous economic barriers and addressing challenges:


Indigenomics honors the powerful thinking of Indigenous wisdom of local economy, relationships and human values. Indigenomics is about increasing the role and visibility of Indigenous peoples in the new economy. It is about understanding indigenous ways of being and worldview. Indigenomics draws on ancient principles that have supported indigenous economies for thousands of years, and works to implement them as modern practices.

Indigenomics welcomes you to an Indigenous worldview. It brings to the forefront human values and practice. It invites dialogue, and thought provoking insight into possibility of the Indigenous relationship both in Canada and beyond. It explores the pathway of the threshold of the indigenous relationship and modern economies.

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