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1 December, 2020 to 4 December, 2020

A banner image with Manitoba members in a classroomDespite concerns about physically gathering, the need for community organizations and practitioners to remain connected and informed about issues and challenges to our work is particularly urgent. This year’s Gathering will take place virtually over a week in December, but the spirit of collaboration and solidarity remains. 

Right now, we’re asking big questions: how to continue serving our communities and mandates when the reality of our work is constantly changing? How do we continue to weave our movements, and fight for a more equitable future if we can’t connect and organize? How do we envision a future when the present itself is overwhelming?

Delivered virtually through a combination of discussions, peer-led learning, and connection pieces, the Gathering strengthens solidarity within the community sector, deepens our ability to work collaboratively, while sharpening meaning-making and vision in our work.

Save the date! More details coming soon.

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Community Capacity Building
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